Two Sides to the River
  Five-Channel Video Installation (Duration 44:34)  



  In exploration of the existence of a multiplicity of realities, as well as  
  the mind-shaping role of subjectivity and point of view, the New York East  

River was shot simultaneously from its opposite sides, directly across.

  Same time, same day, same river.  
  The result is beyond predictable: The Manhattan side with the river and  
  its background appears bright and sunny, whereas the Brooklyn side appears  
  cloudy and dreary, all at the same exact day and time. The only indication
  that both sides were shot simultaneously is the movement of boats and the  
  rhythm of the water; there is no other way to see that both cameras were  
  pointing at the same river.  
  "Two Sides to the River" explores an 'objective' view on subjectivity and  
  evokes a conversation and contemplation about place, time, and point of view,  
  with all of their personal, human,and political aspects.  


  From Manhattan: Jeff Morey  
  From Brooklyn: Shlomit Lehavi  

Sound editor: Quentin Chiappetta


Image stabilization: Daniel Vatsky

  **With support from the Outpost’s Cuts and Burns Residency Program, NY