Magic Door 2.0

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  "The Magic Door" was an educational TV show in the early 70's in Israel which aimed to  
  teach kids how to be safe in the street. The show used magic and science-fiction to convey  
  its message, demonstrated by a big eye with a screen inside it that showed the outside  
  world in real time. This 'eye' was located at a magician's store. When a dangerous  
  situation occurred, the magician's store went haywire and the magician used a magic wheel  
  to pan over the streets to find the location of the danger. Once located, the magician  
  used a magic bell to make the person in danger appear in the store instantly.
  30 years later, the concept of live surveillance cameras has become a common phenomenon,  
  as well as the ability to locate people using global positioning.
  "Magic Door 2.0" examines the evolution of these concepts and the shift from science  
  fiction into reality.  
  *it is just a coincidence that I happened to participate in this show as one of the two kids