"Mira" is an alternative vanity mirror in which the user can 'change' her

own hairstyle and the ambience by selecting between different

lighting modes, hairstyles and music tracks.



click on the image to watch the video

User Interaction:
The two knobs on the table are used to select between the hairstyles (left
knob, correlates with the hairstyle images on the monitor) and the music
  track (right knob correlates with the vertical music indicators).  
  The viewer sits in front of the frame/screen/mirror, a closed circuit camera  
  is installed at the top center of the frame so that the image  
  of the viewer is shown in real time on the screen. The viewer can then  
  switch between hairstyles that would pop up in the center of the screen to  
  'replace' the viewer's original hairstyle.