Time Sifter


"Time Sifter" is a viewer-controlled environment immersed in visuals and

sounds that plays on the theme of the time machine in the digital age, and
suggests a journey in time through motion, space and sound.
A totem pole shaped, steel construction, composed of circular wooden sieves,
hand-crafted in Istanbul and retrofitted with projection material, is both
the mechanism and the metaphor of sifting time. Each sieve flips around the
x-axis (initiated by the viewer). With each flip the video's content changes
so the viewer has control over re-creating the environment, the video
sequences and the narrative.

    User Interaction:  
    The viewer flips the sieves by hand. Each time the sieve is flipped, the  
    video content is changed. The viewer creates unique sequences.  
    This enables the viewer to see the video at different points in time: past,  
    present, and future, across multiple screens. The viewer can also play with  
    the sieves/screens to create a new randomly-generated visual environment. By  
    this interaction, the viewer experiences both real and metaphorical travel  
    in time and space.  
    Exhibitions and Prizes:  

2012 Art Laboratory Berlin

    2011 Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia
    2010 AC Institute, New York
    2009 Re-New Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark
    2008 Future Places, digital media festival, Porto, Portugal Winner: Second Prize